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26 Jun,2020

For Immediate Release
As BFTU we are appalled by yesterday’s report from the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development stating that the COVID 19 Scorpions contracts were erroneous and must be the same as those for the public works programme (Ipelegeng) employees.
This position by government undermines the rules and regulations of Employment in the Public Service dealing with the employment of officers on temporary basis.
The COVID 19 Scorpions positions are front line posts that deserve to be given proper recognition and favourable terms of employment. These are young people with post-secondary certificate who have been properly employed in accordance with Directive No 4 of 2005 which deals with direct appointment of employees and their remuneration commensurate with their qualifications and expertise.
We cannot allow and do not condone exploitation of people with required knowledge when there are proper rules to be followed. The Minister cannot make overnight decisions that bring confusion when there is none.
The necessity of the COVID 19 Scorpions at this critical time must not be overshadowed by the Ministry’s confusion. Directive 4 of 2005 was used to employ the COVID 19 Scorpions therefore we urge the Ministry to retract the statements and position of appointing the potential incumbents according to the Ipelegeng contracts.
As a Federation we have always been concerned about the employment terms of Ipelegeng especially since the figures are always added to the Botswana Employment report figures to make it look exciting.
It is important that Government leads the way in ensuring full and productive employment for its citizens and avoid contracts and jobs that are not in line with the Decent Work Country Programme and SDG 8 aspirations
The COVID 19 challenges call for a new social contract and there needs to be a renewed commitment by employers especially Government to workers’ rights and decent jobs.
It is our continued belief that the initial contract that employed the COVID 19 Scorpions is the right one and urge the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to retract its recent statement.
Aluta continua.
Thusang Butale
26th June 2020
Gaborone, Botswana.