Botswana Federation of Trade Unions

  1. Air Botswana Employees Union (ABEU)
  2. Botswana Housing Corporation Workers Union (BHCWU)
  3. Botswana Diamond Workers Union (BDWU)
  4. Botswana Government Workers Union (BOGOWU)
  5. Botswana Meat Industry Workers Union (BMIWU)
  6. Botswana National Productivity Centre Support Staff Union (BNPCSSU)
  7. Botswana Postal Services Workers Union (BPSWU)
  8. Botswana Private Medical and Health Services Workers Union (BPM&HSWU)
  9. Botswana Railways and Allied Workers Union (BRAWU)
  10. Botswana Savings Bank Employees Union (BSBEU)
  11. Botswana Telecommunications Employees Union (BOTEU)
  12. Botswana Vaccine Institute Staff Union (BVISU)
  13. Botswana Wholesalers Furniture and Retail Workers Union (BWF&RWU)
  14. Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union (BPCWU)
  15. Central Bank Union (CBU)
  16. National Development Bank Employees (NDBEU)
  17. Trainers and Allied Workers Union (TAWU)
  18. Footbal Union of Botswana
  19. University of Botswana Staff Union (UBSU)
  20. Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency Employees Union (CEDAEU)
  21. Botswana Textile Manufacturing and Packaging Workers Union (BOTEMAPAWU)
  22. Botswana Mine Workers Union (BMWU)
  23. Botswana Bank Employees Union (BOBEU)
  24. Footballers Union of Botswana (FUB)
  25. Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU