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On the 26th October 2018 the General Council of the Federation passed a resolution for the development of the workers manifesto that would be used to inform, guide and most importantly influence political parties’ manifestos in the coming 2019 general elections
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    Richard Hunt
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    February 5th, 2017
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Although the Federation had no intention to take any political party side, as a stakeholder and a custodian of the interests of its constituents’, the Federation strongly believed that it had a duty to educate and inform its members about pertinent social and economic issues that affect them. This exercise would enable them to ask those running for public office pertinent questions about the welfare of the workers and as well as desirable solutions.

A working group/ reference committee was set up to work on the development of the manifesto with a consultant (Dr Mogalakwe). The working group comprised of General Council members and relevant Civil Society Organisations (BCPI, Ditshwanelo and ILES).

The Federation intended to lay a road map on how political and socio-economic issues that affect workers and their families should be addressed by those who seek public office. The General Council had viewed it as of paramount importance that workers aspirations and expectations be placed before all those who needed their votes during the general elections. In other words, our members votes are not for free and all those who seek public office should know and fully appreciate that. The Federation also intended to use the manifesto to educate both employers and employees to appreciate that it is in the best interest of both workers and employers to create a conducive working environment that fosters high labour productivity and ensures the dignity of labour by improving work conditions and the standards of living of the workers.

The Workers Manifesto and the roll out budget were adopted by the General Council in May 2019. However, there were challenges regarding publicizing of the manifesto largely due to funding. It was not possible to hold regional discussions as advised by the GC since the regions were not properly set up and financial constraints were limiting.

However, the positions from the manifesto continue to be used for engaging on various topics and the federations press statements. The manifesto is a working document and will continue to be reviewed as and when required.